Accommodating the recent changes that cisco

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Accommodating the recent changes that cisco - 1on 1 nude chat

This isn't a far-fetched futuristic stadium experience.

Boosting revenues Whether by building from scratch or retrofitting existing facilities, stadiums are in a fierce competition with each other to add the latest technologies.

The pro teams are taking notice of this phenomena and taking early action, before the college-age fans graduate and can better afford to attend pro games.

A Cisco report revealed that the internet is as important as air, water, food and shelter to one in three college students and young professionals.

"There is a changing demographic that obviously the sports owners, the venue owners want to tap into.

"There's a bar that was set by the latest arena or stadium that was built, and to open up the next venue you have to be above that bar," said Chip Foley, vice president of technology for Forest City Ratner Companies, which owns Barclays Center, in Brooklyn, New York.

SEE: Photos: Sports stadiums go digital The changing demographic of fans is one of the reasons stadiums are adding Wi-Fi.

Connectivity is especially important to younger fans, particularly those in college.

At college games, fans often leave at halftime if they can't connect to the internet or upload photos to social media.

Imagine walking into a stadium and your smartphone immediately pings you that a premium seat upgrade is available for purchase on your mobile device.

As soon as you settle in to enjoy that awesome view of the game, you use your smartphone to order a pulled pork sandwich and imported beer delivered right to your seat.

Then, when your favorite player scores a touchdown, you use the team's app to watch an instant replay at multiple angles and a stadium-exclusive video feed of the players on the sideline.

Later on, when nature calls, the app directs you to the closest restroom with no wait time.

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