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I'm rather surprised when I walk into the London office of practitioner Nöel Kingsley, author of Perfect Poise, Perfect Life, to see no special equipment. Instead, he has an ordinary dining chair in the centre of the room and a treatment table.Nöel tells me that as young children, our backs have perfect muscular co-ordination, and therefore excellent posture.

But over time, bad habits set in, especially in puberty when we start slouching.

Eventually, I decide the best way of reversing my downward trend is the Alexander Technique.

Developed at the turn of the last century by Australian actor Frederick Matthias Alexander to improve his voice, it's since been found to help with ailments including back pain, headaches - and age-related shrinking.

It does this by teaching 'good use of the body' - in other words, how to correct bad posture by learning the proper way to stand, sit and walk.

This straightens out your spine, and you regain your former lofty height.

Over the years, this exaggerates the natural S-shape of the spine.

I've noticed mine is so curvy I find it hard to stand up straight against a wall.I've also developed a strange clicking noise in my neck, and one shoulder sits slightly higher than the other. Lee is an Interventional Spine and Pain Management physician specializing in non-operative management of neck, back and musculoskeletal pain, in addition to interventional spine procedures.We're also more likely to have a bad posture, often through the tendency to make ourselves seem smaller by hunching over and crossing our arms.Over time, these pull in the shoulders and compress the spine into a curve A Russian hospital also offers to help patients grow an inch or two in as many months.But as it involves having my legs broken, then lying in bed for weeks as the bone knits back together, I decide against it.