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Coleman was actually a light-skinned African-American who successfully passed himself off as a white Jew for his entire life.After the sudden death of his wife Iris, he engaged in an intense sexual relationship with uneducated, younger, white-trash college cleaning lady Faunia Farley (Nicole Kidman), who had an abusive, wife-beating, Vietnam Vet ex-husband (Ed Harris).

It was considered a pretentious rip-off of Richard Brooks' Looking for Mr. The film was released in other versions - including an unrated and uncut Director's Edition with more explicit versions of the love-making and basement (oral sex) scenes.", and he described (after briefly revealing his genitals as he laid back), with a hands-on demonstration, how he first learned about stimulating a woman.This was offered as a prelude to more missionary-position intercourse.The exciting yet tense premise of the film was that the cop might murder her, since she believed that he was the one who had received oral sex from the murdered woman and might possibly be the serial killer who murdered other female victims that he was investigating, although he vehemently denied any wrong-doing.Francis became involved with Malloy when he was investigating a murder in her neighborhood.She noticed that he had a questionable wrist tattoo of the three of spades, matching the tattoo of an unidentified man (smoking a cigarette) that she had earlier witnessed receiving an explicit 'blow job' in The Red Turtle pool club's darkened basement performed by a blue-fingernailed woman named Angela (Heather Litteer) - the decapitated homicide victim.

The film was erotically shocking for Mark Ruffalo's and Meg Ryan's full-frontal nudity, and for Ryan's performance of sex acts, including her receiving oral sex (or analingus from behind).

When she brought him a drink afterwards, she asked: "I want to did that to me?

She performed a sensual striptease as she slowly stepped out of her collegiate 40s clothing.

She first removed her bra in front of a mirror and then the remainder of her clothes before sitting fully nude on a desk before younger Coleman Silk (Wentworth Miller), the film's main character.

Steena was the true first love of disgraced former college professor Coleman Silk (Anthony Hopkins), a classics teacher and dean of the faculty at fictional Athena College, who lost her many years earlier when he took her home to meet his family.

Later, he made a career-ending racial slur (by calling two black students "spooks") and harbored a major secret.