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If you like to write simple code that works cross-platform, then use the window.prompt method to ask the user for a date.

Since this isn't implemented on either Android or i OS, but is implemented in native UI, is it possible for a web-app to invoke the native date picker, i.e. This would make it possible for us to stop using Java Script libraries like j Query mobile and YUI.If my question is in any way unclear, please tell me.Thank you in advance :-) Well the original question is about doing it in the web browser itself.Your answer goes in to Phone Gap territory, though and the 'gotchas' seemed to imply that perhaps Phone Gap wasn't triggering the native control, but rather it was using Java Script to mimic the native control.(I'll go though my older questions too...)Why the i Pad (simulator) fails to show its own native date picker when triggered from the plugin I don't know, unfortunately.Maybe something in the plugin Objective C code is wrong, or maybe somehow showing the date picker on top of a web view is troublesome, or maybe it's even the CSS styling of the web page I use that somehow affects it (while it shouldn't). Hm, this is basically the opposite of what I'd use.

But all is about the native date pickers; peek into the Java‌​, it's quite small. The scroller style date and time picker was especially created for interaction on touch devices. It's not speedy, it's not easy to maintain and it's not looking like anything but i OS, default Android and Sense.Thank you for your contribution, though :-) My answer is over-simplistic.But, if I understand your reply, the Phone Gap plug in is, indeed, triggering the native device OS date picker outside of mobile safari.I'm still a little confused about what the Phone Gap plugin is firing.For instance, you state the i Pad has rendering issues.Why would it render the native control incorrectly?

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