Ashley greene kellan lutz dating 2016

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Ashley greene kellan lutz dating 2016

Ashley Michele Greene was born in Jacksonville, Florida to parents Michele (Tatum), an insurance broker, and Joseph Lacy Greene, US Marine who runs a concrete business.A self-confessed tomboy and "daredevil", Ashley loved to try to keep up with her older brother Joe, taking on activities such as taekwondo and winning several awards.

She even accidentally once gave a boy she liked a bloody nose and lip while sparring.Ashley admits she is a "competitive little sucker".During her early teen years, Ashley found herself hanging out with older girls, which impacted her self-esteem when she found them to be more mature and, in her mind, prettier than she was.Ashley describes herself as a "hot mess" as a teenager.Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz have definitely hooked up, and the only reason he’s not kissing and telling is because “he didn’t get the girl,” a source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.Do you think Kellan should come clean about his relationship — or lack thereof — with Miley?

“They are still friends and might hook up from time to time but she isn’t giving in to him and will not exclusively date him,” a source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.

“There is a reason he is denying anything happened and it’s because he didn’t get the girl.” “It’s damage control — you can’t be the man when you have girls you like rejecting you,” the source adds.

“That is a blow to the ego, but they remain friendly and might hook up if they hang out but it won’t lead to anything more.” Poor Kellan!

It sounds like there’s just no hope for him and Miley to get serious.

Kellan is an ambassador for fashion week this year.

“When they asked me to become an ambassador, it felt really authentic to who I am.

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