Automatic updating charts in excel 2016

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Creating reports on a regular schedule is a common task for the business Excel user.

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The following steps demonstrate how to use the OFFSET function to create an annual rolling chart.

If, instead, you added columns to your data each month, you would adjust your formula accordingly. Excel will try to be “helpful” and add cell references or ranges to the Refers to: text field if you click on something outside of the dialog box.

You may have to type or paste very carefully into this text box to avoid “extra” data in your formulas.

Assign Chart Data Source to Dynamic Named Range Create your line chart as you normally would if you have not already.

Now, you need to tell the chart to use our dynamic range instead of the entire table.

We have a table that shows amounts of contaminate present in an imaginary water sample taken monthly.

We want a chart that shows the current month’s data along with the previous 11 months. (Note: if you want to follow along and create a new chart of your own, type your own range name in the textbox and substitute that name in the formulas below.

Notice that the COUNT function gives us a total number of rows in our table, and we then specify how many rows we want to include in the [height] argument.

This is where you can change the number of months (for example) you want to include in your chart.

Click on the chart to activate the Chart Tools contextual tabs.

last 12 rows of data, creating a rolling chart effect.

Note that if you want to show more than one series of data on your chart, you will need to create a named range and repeat the above process for series!