Black girl dating french guy

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Black girl dating french guy

This means much of the information German men get about Black women comes from television, or the rare occurrence that they may have interacted with a Black person.

I say it like this, because so many German and European men tend to focus on the Black part first, and the woman part second. Most times when I have been asked this question, the person is already reaching out to touch my hair, and I have to flinch to avoid someone’s dirty hands coming in contact with my gorgeous locs. We understand that our hair texture may be something you do not see every day, but just do not ask. Most women really think they are pulling it off, and your comment might come off as insulting. Please do not assume we are the only ones wearing extensions, or weaves. For example, when I meet ANYBODY here in Berlin, I just say: ‘Are you from Berlin?

Hopefully, with these tips, you can make less of an ass of yourself when you decide to you want to flirt/date a Black woman living in Europe. In time, if you really date us, believe me, you will learn all you need to know about our hair. I am often asked this even when I am not wearing a wig. ’ or ‘Are you from Germany.’ Unless it is super clear where they might be from, just be on the safe side. The German said I should mention the question about smell.

While, I would love for all of us ladies to embrace and enjoy our natural hair, many of us still indulge in wearing fake hair. It reinforces to some people that Germans look a certain way, and since I am brown, I could not be from Germany. He says his friends ask him if Black girls smell differently. I think the Germans smell like pork personally, this is not a slight, I think it is just a diet thing.

However, there are many other non-black women who wear weaves as well. The other part of this is not every Black woman knows where in Africa they might be from. These are Black people being born and living in other countries outside of Africa. They eat soooo much pork products, I just started to notice it a bit.

They could be from Brazil, USA, UK, Canada and so on. ‘I am not normally attracted to white European men, but you are different.’ If you like the woman, you like her. I only date Black women Black women are not a type. Black women are so much easier to get along with (sexually) I really think this is projection here. I think this different types of smells come from what people are eating.

Not all of these people can name where there families in Africa could be from. If you can tell me where your family was 500 years ago, after there was a whole system in place to make sure you NEVER found this information, I would be surprised. “I’m not usually attracted to black women but you’re different.” What in the hell is that? This really is starting to piss me off when I hear this. I have to say my Black girlfriends are on average EXTREMELY conservative sexually. Even it is a nice one, I do not want to be lumped into one group. Referring to her as chocolate Again, I am a human, not a snack or dessert. This was a weird one, but he insisted I mention this. You are pretty, for a black girl/dark skinned girl I mean really.

I feel like I am some sort of fetish, as if I am not seen as a woman first. We rarely talk about sex, and some do not even use graphic terms when we have girl talk. Do you really mean to say that every Black woman on this planet is sexy? This may be the color of my skin, but it is not a compliment. I consider myself colorblind This may sound like a contradiction to what I am saying above, but what I am trying to say here is that unfortunately, the color of ones skin still carries issues with it. I recently heard: ‘I s’d his d’ meaning she sucked his dick. Black women are so sexy I know, this really sounds like a compliment, but again, it is not. I usually retort, vanilla back to them until I learned vanilla is actually brown before they process it into ice cream. I am other, different, ‘exotic’, thought of something else. First I want to say, I was rather lucky finding a German man that was not so ignorant about Black women.These questions are from the other men I have met, not only in Germany, but also in my travels in Europe.Let’s face it, there are not so many Black women in Europe.Here is Germany, Black people are about 0.05% of the population.

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