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Chatrooms drity talksex - katy perry dating benji madden

I specifically travelled to his home to finally have my ass fucked….I felt intense emotions, knowing the full extent of the risk I was running by barebacking a stranger.

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The wish list: Group sex, voyeurism and role-playing top our readers’ curious-to-try lists, while gangbangs score almost evenly on the curious and not-interested scale. “Have someone cum all over my cock and then in my mouth as I touch myself.” “Have a woman sodomize me with a dildo.” “Get fucked by several complete strangers without seeing them.” “Be on the receiving end of a 12-man Japanese bukkake party.” “Be a prison slut with all the inmates and guards doing me.” “Cum in a partner’s ass.” “Assuming we lived in an STD–free world, be blindfolded and take anonymous loads from various men.” “Get tied up and have my ass used by a bunch of blue-collar dudes.” “Getting fucked by a large cock with a PA and no condom.” “Be the centre of attention of a cocksucking marathon.” “Be the pig in a ‘pot roast.’” “Pleasure myself in front of more than five onlookers.” “Do it in a four-door Plymouth Valiant.” “Have sex at the water’s edge of a warm ocean with the waves washing in gently.” “Sex in the locker room after a hockey game.” “Have my guy fuck me while I suck an ex’s cock.” Always leave them laughing “Having just lost my virginity, I was on the hunt for more cock to ride.

Cocksucking, blowjobs, kissing and mutual masturbation are all tried-and-true pastimes. I was 19; a guy I was chatting with online was 17, a virgin and wanted to top for the first time.

Anal sex and rimming are up there, too, but more than 90 percent of our readers emphatically reject scat play, and 72 percent aren’t so keen to get fisted, either. After a few drinks we went back to the apartment I shared with friends.

And a bunch of you had to look up sploshing (getting aroused when food is generously slathered on skin. I was completely amazed at how thick this young virgin’s cock was...

Ignorantly, I thought I could mount his behemoth cock with just a little spit... We both screamed and ran from the room.” “When I was a senior in high school I had braces, and it was about the same time my girlfriend and I started getting really serious and having sex.

It was a painful yet hilarious experience as we slammed furniture around my room, knocked things over and woke up my roommates with my screaming in pain as he desperately tried to slam his cock in my ass.” “Accidentally closing the bathroom drawer on my dick while making out with my boyfriend on the bathroom counter.” “Sitting in a steamroom while a naked man touched himself next to me. One day in English class I pulled one of her pubic hairs out of my braces and handed it to her with a big grin on my face while a friend of ours looked on with a totally confused look on her face.

To this day, she still doesn’t get it.” “Getting caught by my sister with her boyfriend in the shower.” “Trying to have sex with my ex when a Vagisil commercial came on.

We laughed so hard we had to stop.” “The hamster got out and came crawling into the bed.” “Getting stoned with my boyfriend and laughing through sex.

Not just laughing but a constant stream of giggles, gales of laughter and full body–shaking laughter. I was the only one laughing at that point.” That was intense “I was a 19-year-old college student with my legs up and on my back when I lost my virginity to a stranger in his 40s.

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    If I met the girl, I'd marry her tomorrow." Meanwhile, Segel stars as David Foster Wallace in the biographical drama film "The End of the Tour," which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival Saturday, Jan. The film, which is based on David Lipsky's 2010 book "Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself," is directed by James Ponsoldt and written by Donald Margulies.