Consolidating subsidized and unsubsidized student loans

12-Apr-2016 00:28 by 3 Comments

Consolidating subsidized and unsubsidized student loans - Sextalk or chat

I am thinking of consolidating all my loans, but should I use the Federal Student Aid to consolidate both the Direct and Stafford loans ( do they consolidate both direct and stafford loans), or is there a different website for the government consolidation for both direct and stafford student loans?

Can I get the extended payment plan when I consolidate?

The good news is I just got hired by a company in my field, but won't start work till the first week in December, and my first check isn't till the 15th of December (when the first loan payment will be sent to me).

I will be moving from California to Nevada for this job too.

I would like your advice since I went back to college am 40yrs old now that I finished college.

Currently, I was going to try to make the standard payment, but it would be to much for me with my new bills for the new place I will be renting, and paying for everything to support myself in NV.

The Direct loans are being serviced by Great Lakes, and until I call them I don't know what the payment(s).

The Stafford loans are being serviced by American Education Services who have split these loans into 3 payments totaling 8 per month on the standard payment plan.Also, the first loan began in mid October of 1998 - June 2003 then I deferred them till a took a ,500 loan out last year.My current situation is bad since I am currently being supported 100% since I could not find employment for the last two years.I ask this because I have not found a clear answer online.Without a doubt the fastest and cleanest way to repay student loans is the ten year full repayment plan.Outside of that there are some other alternatives that in the long run may cost you more but give you a lower payment.