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We're not really sure where or why these rumors started, but it's pretty clear that there was never a relationship between Ari and Tyler. In the past, there have been suspicions that Tyler may be gay, and if that is the case, fans apparently wouldn't be surprised to discover that he and his fellow New-found friends as of this April, Bella and Tyler have since been spotted out on a shopping spree arm-in-arm.

The man known for Groundhog Day and Caddyshack quotes was spotted at a hip Chicago restaurant with Crystle Stewart - also known as Miss USA 2008.

On Sunday night, Crystle Stewart became the second consecutive American contestant to trip and fall during the evening gown segment of the Miss Universe pageant."I think I'm going to have to take some walking classes," Crystle Stewart told The Associated Press, just hours after her mishap was broadcast.

"I would never have thought in a million years that I would fall down at the Miss Universe pageant...

right after Miss USA fell last year."Someone as famous - and insane - as Britney Spears can land a guest starring role on a hit sitcom such as How I Met Your Mother.

Before all the notoriety surrounding Miley, the actress shared her first kiss with Tyler at just 9 years old.

The two young lovebirds were pretty smitten with each other and were a couple for the next two years.

After years of sparks flying for these middle-school love birds, it all came crashing down months after just being engaged.

With his acting career booming, Tyler felt he couldn't commit himself fully and decided to call off the plans this October.

Miley’s kissing track record has certainly expanded since!

Since those young, star-crossed days, Tyler has allegedly had flings with tons of others, including the diva of the decade, Ariana Grande.

He is even rumored to have a few co-star romances under his belt, too!

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