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Dear Sasha, I recently started working in a massage parlour that features a room with a jacuzzi in it.It's rare that clients choose this feature, but when they do we are of course expected to enjoy it naked together in fairly close proximity.

I'm wondering what other precautions I should be taking to avoid the transmission of STIs through this activity. A "I remember being shocked at a lecture on STIs when the doc said his kid got molluscum contagiosum from a hot tub," says Lyba Spring from Toronto Public Health.I had the impression that hot-tub transmission was a myth, but my research is turning up mixed. "It's just a skin infection, but can take a while to clear up. " It gives you an odd sense of how much of the body is made up of water when you can cultivate, like, oysters on your inner thighs.It's the same treatment as for HPV warts." I can attest to how pesky molluscum can be; I got it from the pole at work myself. "A propos her skin-to-skin contact being genital free, is there any contact in the boxer shorts area? "If there is, she is at risk for the herpes virus and the human papillomavirus that can lead to warts." Spring also suggests looking at a PDF file from TPH about intimate shaving, which can also put you at risk.What I get from the hot-tub transmission as myth thing is that it's rare or exceptional to get it from the hot tub itself.Rubbing against someone in said hot tub, chlorinated or not, seems to pose the greatest concern.We want to do it right, so we're taking it slow and getting as educated as possible. I've been trying to find information on safer oral sex for chicks like me, and I'm not finding much. (I know -- ha.) Can you give me advice on what to look out for?

Would it be best to dental dam everything (please, please say no)? Or can an educated eye (look for sores or other symptoms) determine who's safe and who's not?I haven't had so much as a yeast infection in my life."I have not read anywhere that HPV can be transmitted in a hot tub without skin contact -- only molluscum contagiosum," says Spring."I agree with you that skin-to-skin contact in the ‘boxer shorts' area can transmit HSV or HPV.We learned that chlorine cannot kill hep C, so we stopped recommending using bleach to clean needles and works many years ago.So if she is rubbing up against her clients, my feeling, not based in research, is that she is at risk, in or out of the tub." Poly Annas Dear Sasha, My girlfriend and I are in the process of opening our relationship. Here is my challenge: I have a bit of an oral fixation. I love feeling them swell and react in my mouth, I love tasting them. It's not out of control, but I love, love, love it!

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