Dating cars in old photos

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Dating cars in old photos - gay millionaire dating service

If you have so many wonderful women hanging around all the time, why are you on a dating site?The price of a photo is now so low as to be incalculable. Most work places feature harsh light and cheap bulbs.

So, there is no need to reuse old photos of you and some ex girlfriend. It took more time to cut her out of the photo than it would to take a new one. Some men think that women are shallow and only interested in money. If you shoot down on your face, at an exaggerated angle, it hides your double chin. All this means is that on the off chance we say yes to a date, we're going to be horribly disappointed when we get a good look at you. Computer photos also show a remarkable degree of laziness.

So, in order to impress these women they spend a great deal of money on a symbol of their wealth and use it to prove that they are worthy. Any woman who sees this photo will think you're an insecure tool, not an uber-rich man of the world. You're not enthused enough about your dates to even walk out into the sunlight and have a friend snap a flattering photo.

Finally, there's something undeniably creepy about seeing your office work area -- is that an old bag of Doritos?

Your artistic talent can be a strong attractor, but the line between artsy and creepy is subjective.

So as a public service, we’ve collected a range of photos to help men understand what NOT to post on their profiles.

Why would you put this photo on your dating profile?

Are you doing it to show your matches what you look like?

Are you doing it to prove you're an awesome party guy who can get next to some pretty hot babes? Your matches will only see a sad man trying to prove how great his life is.

Travel outside the US and you'll find plenty of cars bearing American brand names that aren't sold in America.

Though they wear American nameplates, many of these vehicles are designed in their native markets and are specifically tailored to the needs of local buyers.

Click the thumbnails for more information about each car.

When a match opens your profile for the first time, they are drawing some important conclusions about whether you’re right for them. Some men, it turns out, aren’t great at understanding the types of photos that hurt their chances of meeting their match.