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Prairie du Chien history can also be explored by various educational sightseeing river cruises.Several historic re-enactment events such as the Prairie Villa Rendezvous, War of 1812, Carriage Classic, and Cannons and Redcoats, are held annually.

It tells how old something is in relation to other objects, but cannot provide a year or specific date of use.

The main principle behind stratigraphy is that of superposition.

This says that older things are found below younger things.

When archaeologists excavate sites, we find layers of soil, each marking a period of use of the site.

Artifacts in the upper layers were laid down after those in lower levels.

Stratigraphy is the record of these different layers or strata.

By excavating sites and separating the artifacts from each layer, it is possible to see changes through time.The photo is from the Mill Pond site, located on an island in the Mississippi River near Prairie du Chien, WI. The two white bands are shell middens, the one at the bottom about 100 AD, the higher one about 500 AD.It was taken during excavations in 1980 by MVAC Research Archaeologists Dr. Prairie du Chien Accommodations | Prairie du Chien Attractions Prairie du Chien Campgrounds | Prairie du Chien Events | Prairie du Chien Real Estate Prairie du Chien Recreation | Prairie du Chien Restaurants Prairie du Chien Shopping And Services Historic Community Along the Mississippi River Prairie du Chien is the oldest community on the Upper Mississippi River dating back to 1673.The community is the second to Green Bay as the oldest in Wisconsin.History enthusiast can enjoy historic attractions including the Villa Louis Historic Site built by Wisconsin's first millionaire and Fort Crawford Museum, which displays the area's history.

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