Dating vintage leather jackets

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Our leather and suede selection is the largest leather collection on sale in Hong Kong.

All our leather is dry cleaned and inspected for quality prior to placing it on sale for your selection.Noting whether a garment has a union or Made in USA tag, as well as recognizing popular silhouettes,patterns and colors of an era’s most popular clothing styles will also help to authenticate the age of a piece.So whether you’re a vintage clothing newbie or an expert looking to brush up on her skills, keep reading for the 7 secrets you to need to know to date clothing as vintage!LOOK FOR: A metal zipper placed either in the side seam or back middle of the garment. VINTAGE HISTORY: Metal zippers were first used in garments in the 1930s, but during that era they were rare.Zippers became available in plastic (called “woven” zippers) beginning in 1963, and beginning in 1968 nylon (plastic) coil zippers were used in practically every single mass produced garment.You will also find a nice selection of vintage leather jackets dating from the mid 1900's.

Knowing how to date clothing as vintage is a skill that’s taken me years to acquire, and one that I’ll build upon for the rest of my life.

To give you the tools to talk the talk and walk the walk of a vintage fashion expert, I’ve put together this article outlining seven tell-tale signs your piece is vintage, and advice on how to analyze each sign to identify the era your piece was most likely made.

This list isn’t the end-all-be-all for dating vintage clothing.

Also important to note for accurate dating is placement of zipper either along the side or in the back middle of the garment.

Side zippers are most frequently seen on garments from the ’30s and ’40s.

Back middle zippers are common on garments from the ’50s and ’60s. Between 19, the amount of clothes sewn at home increased by 50 percent!

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