Different types of fossil dating

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Fossil fuels account for a large percentage of the fuels used for energy consumption around the world.

The history of fossil fuels goes back to many millions of years ago.The main fossil fuels are coal, natural gas, and petroleum.Fossil fuels are extracted from the earth's crust and processed for direct and indirect consumption.Petroleum is refined from its crude state to form gasoline, diesel, and other fuels that are used in vehicles, planes, trains and ships.Students learn about the different types of fossils, methods of dating them, and the evidence they provide about past environments.Recognizing that the fossils of organisms are found where the organisms lived and died, students will plot the location of four key organisms on a world map.

Once they have plotted their locations, they will be asked to place the continents on which they are found adjacent to each other.

In doing this exercise, the students will recreate the ancient land mass called Gondwanaland.

Plants, animals and microorganisms that dwelt in those ancient times died, decomposed and became enmeshed in the soil.

Layers of sediment settled over their decomposed organic remains and kept on accumulating as time went by, subjecting them to tremendous heat and pressure.

As a result of such treatment, the decomposed organic matter underwent chemical transformation to form hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbons, compounds of hydrogen and carbon, are the substances that make up fossil fuels.

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