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There are some Butches who appear achingly tender because of the life they have led, but we all know they are sinewy and fierce for the same reason. A Butch who will faithfully help strangers simply because it is the right thing to do.

y) drawn/attracted to older butch but wasn't exactly hanging out in the right places to meet the women I wanted to encounter (dance studios?- oops) Through the site I've been able to meet interesting, exciting women on the butch spectrum - it has been lovely s so shy with each other.That is why a gentle punch on the arm is almost too intimate and too wonderful to bear.Even when we are chuckling easily over Femmes, it is not posturing.The connection is in fact so real, simply standing together on a curb with my brothers makes my chest swell. Some of my brothers try to git the girls by riding the edge of badassedness.Others insult the vulgarity of the badasses with a righteous swing of their cape… Then there are the Butches who are peacemakers, out of heart, out of habit, and sometimes to get the girls.

The shy contenders stand on the fringes hoping some sweet Femme will see the stud inside.

I have a nod for the fat ones who stride with their chests high and mighty; thin ones who saunter with rounded shoulders to hide their breasts; the short ones who stand with such *gotdam* authority.

I feel affinity for young ones with their arms jacked awkwardly at the hips, afraid someone might notice they haven’t found their center yet.

The poets, the civic-minded, the quiet ones who only yell at football games.

Those ardent hero lovers, sudden Romeos after being whacked to awareness by some seductive Femme.

Brave charmers who plot the move, smoothing qualm into calm. Those big-hearted Butches who don’t have the sense to damper their own earnest. with a love so sweet they seem almost out of place. Happily comes complete with corny grand gestures and batteries that rarely run down.

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    If you want to stay in control of the date and keep him interested then take it easy and don’t overindulge.

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