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His goal is to give this plant to a random Villager, a player, or even an Iron Golem.The Gardener will detect any Villager, player, or Iron Golem from a radius of 20 blocks.

If it is a Villager or an Iron Golem, the Villager / Iron Golem will turn around to face the Gardener, and will take the plant and carry it around for 10 minutes before planting it on a nearby grass block. Riddle that the Gardener should buy/sell bonemeal, as it would go well with his theme.Bganz Our Feature Garden in this edition of THE BOTANIC GARDENer is The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan, NSW.And if you are in the area why not get out and take a closer look. *drumroll* Overall Winner: Dis9 Best Use of Colour: dundo Best Layout/Design: TMats Best Use of a Statue: Gerontius Congratulations to all the winners and a hearty thank you to all the participants in the contest! So, everyone's trying to find an idea for green villagers. The Gardener is a Villager dressed in green (or the currently unused Generic Villager) that sells many plants, saplings, ect.If it is you, the player, you will have to right-click the Gardener to take the plant, or, if you don't want it, just leave him be. Maybe he should have a small flower garden by his house, as well. I like how he sells exotic flowers you can't find anywhere else.

He will keep following you, making Villager sounds (hey-like sounds) until there is a distance of 5 blocks between you and him. However, I think he should be willing to buy bonemeal, since it works as a 'fertilizer'. That's from 16 bones, which can be killing 8 skeletons if you're lucky. I think that this idea would flow perfectly with the rest of Minecraft. Also, the bonemeal trades can empty my double chest quickly, and fill my yard with those flowers.The Gardener will then ignore you for 5 minutes, and will try to find Villagers, Iron Golems or other players. Only thing different is that he needs more buying offers, because he has too little. I like how he sells exotic flowers you can't find anywhere else.It lives in this house: The Gardener, while selling currently in-game flowers and saplings, will also sell new flowers, but this will happen rarely. These flowers do not grow naturaly in the Minecraft world, so the only way to obtain these is by trading. Here is the complete list of possible trades: How about a cute little addition here, with Iron Golems.Iron Golems sometimes have a rose in their hands, and from there, they give them to villagers...why not have this Botanist or Gardener also have a chance to gift a flower to an iron golem?The Gardener would, sometimes, be carrying a dandelion, a rose or any sapling (Jungle saplings being a rare case).