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The move to shift international operation to central Asian ex-USSR states was supposed to help the other businesses of Tabani Group in penetrating these countries.


A large "Aero Asia" was added to the front fuselage in bold red colour with the airline logo in between the words and on the tail.

The airline, in its initial years, made serious commitments to training its locally-hired staff, following the example of PIA and in line with requirements of the local civil aviation authority.

A small training school was also founded, for training of cabin crew.

Former Pakistan Airforce pilots were recruited, who began flying as co-pilots with the Romanian Pilots.

In Aero Asia took the usual step for a private airline in Pakistan by recruitment of batch of trainees for aircraft maintenance, announcing that a fully-functional aircraft maintenance facility was planned.

the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan suspended the operations of Aero Asia due to issues related to the safety of operations and passenger convenience, after a number of deficiencies in the airline's flight safety standards were revealed.

The problems had been highlighted to the management of Aero Asia time and again but the situation, instead of improving, deteriorated.The airline announced that it had decided to suspend operations temporarily with effect from until further notice and was looking for new aircraft.Senior retired staff from the PIA training center were employed and approval of the training school from the local civil aviation authority was sought.The airline lost its bid to be the first Pakistani private airline to operate on international routes to its newly founded rival , a subsidiary of the Pakistan Airforce.It was also not granted the much coveted route of Karachi-Dubai, whereas Shaheen Air International was sharing in the monopoly of PIA.Aero Asia started its international operation on a route to aircraft was leased.

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