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The running the impdp command to produce an sqlfile, you will need to run it as a user which has the DATAPUMP_IMP_FULL_DATABASE role. run it as a low privileged user and use the MASTER_ONLY=YES option, then inspect the master table. select value_t from SYS_IMPORT_TABLE_01 where name = 'CLIENT_COMMAND' and process_order = -59; col object_name for a30 col processing_status head STATUS for a6 col processing_state head STATE for a5 select distinct object_schema, object_name, object_type, object_tablespace, process_order, duplicate, processing_status, processing_state from sys_import_table_01 where process_order Import: Release - Production on Fri Apr 26 2013 Copyright (c) 1982, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates.

SQL Developer uses dialog boxes for creating and editing database connections and objects in the database (tables, views, procedures, and so on).

If you open the DMP file with an editor that can handle big files, you might be able to locate the areas where the schema names are mentioned. It would be better if you opened a copy of the original dump.

Curious why the downvote, I've literally used this method myself on several occasions to determine schemas, and it's a heck of a lot simpler than the other answers of "social engineering" or "dig around a dmp" My Solution: Social engineering, I dug real hard and found someone who knew the schema name.

Technical Solution: Searching the file did yield the schema name.

Once I knew the schema name, I searched the dump file and learned where to find it.

Places the Schemas name were seen, in the file: section, it also had the command line used to create the dump, directories used, par files used, windows version it was run on, and export session settings (language, date formats).

So, problem solved :) Assuming that you do not have the log file from the expdp job that generated the file in the first place, the easiest option would probably be to use the SQLFILE parameter to have impdp generate a file of DDL (based on a full import). Not ideal, of course, since impdp has to read the entire dump file to extract the DDL and then again to get to the schema you're interested in, and you have to do a bit of text file searching for the various CREATE USER statements, but it should be doable.

I had attempted to use the SQLFILE parameter, but it failed with a single line in the output file: "-- CONNECT MYSCHEMA".

I think with a little more effort getting it working, this could have yielded the solution.

The dialog boxes sometimes have multiple tabs, each reflecting a logical grouping of properties for that type of object.

For an explanation of any dialog box or tab, click the key.

The dialog boxes and wizards are not presented here in any rigorous order, because the help for each is an independent piece of information and is normally seen when you click Help or press F1 in that context.

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