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Control games with your body and voice and share big gaming moments with the Play Station Camera.

i mainly bought this for the picture in picture for my live streams. However, other than broadcasting on twitch, there is not much to do with it.It has worked well and with my cats tendency to want to play and knock it to the ground I have not found any issues with it. Also, the camera comes with the stand to mound on top of the TV, but it does not function correctly with the Play Room from that location, instead the set up asks you to place it at the Knee level, at the base of the TV.It needs a software fix to make it work from the top of the TV and more games for it need to come out.At the moment there are no games to use with it except the playroom that comes with the ps4, but that is not really a game.Seems to work, but have no use for it yet, hopefully some game will come out so I can really see what it does.Among gamers, Microsoft's decision to turn Kinect into an integral feature of Xbox One continues to raise concerns when details of the new console first came to light earlier this year.

With each system capable of using an advanced camera capable of listening for voice commands, potential buyers wondered whether this technology can pose potential security and privacy risks.

In the run up to the Xbox One launch, Microsoft has already stated it will not use Kinect to spy on its user base, nor will it cooperate with the government by giving out access to the technology.

Both Microsoft and Sony maintain their next-gen offerings will only record and transmit user data when console owners allow it to; but does this account for the technology already at the disposal of hackers and wiretapping government officials that pose a potential threat to the privacy of console owners?

Speaking to Polygon, a security expert said the ability to access images and data through camera-based peripherals is already in use "at every level of government" and often misused.

And for those hoping to purchase a new console outside of Europe, they tell us, current American surveillance laws do not act in the favor of those potential customers concerned with privacy.

It's a concern that peripheral manufacturer PDP is tapping into with its recently announced camera covers.

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