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Pike died in an adventure that was played before the show began, and came back determined not to fail again.

Cast out by the herd leader, his uncle, Grog was brought back to health by Pike.

Eventually, the two joined the rest of Vox Machina on their adventures.

Third of seven children in a noble family, Percy was the sole survivor of his family's massacre by a mysterious lord and lady who attended their court.

His home was overtaken by the invaders and Percy himself was tortured, then freed by his younger sister.

Our heroes, a group of adventurers who travel the land in search of riches, knowledge, and general do-goodery. All played by well-known figures in the world of English-language voice acting. Vex'ahlia's twin brother, the two were born of the union between an elven noble and a human peasant.

After cutting all ties with the cold and unwelcoming elves and learning of their mother's death when a dragon attacked their village, they struck out on their own and eventually joined the party.

A skilled ranger and Vax'ildan's twin, and therefore another half-elf.While Vax took to the streets to learn the ways of the rogue, Vex honed her skills in nature instead.While her brother tends to be more on the serious side, Vex is more laid-back and humorous.Together, the two make a skilled and stealthy team.Pike came from a long line of gnome thieves and brigands, but that destiny changed with her grandfather, who was sent a divine vision that led him along a different path.The goddess Sarenrae led the reborn Trickfoots, and eventually a certain young gnome girl showed a particular aptitude for healing. Later, Pike became friends with Grog when the goliath went against his herd to protect her grandfather, by then an elderly and helpless gnome, and the two have been best friends since.