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As alternative delivery methods (CPA/Attorneys, Internet forms) increased in popularity, the IRS sent fewer packets via mail. Income tax returns for individual calendar year taxpayers are due by April 15 of the next year, except when April 15 falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday.In those circumstances, the returns are due on the next business day. 15 to file Form 1040 can be obtained by filing Form 4868.

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The first page collects information about the taxpayer(s), dependents, income items, and adjustments to income.

There are over 100 other, specialized forms that may need to be completed along with Schedules and the Form 1040.

Over the years, other "Short Forms" were used for short periods of time.

For example, in the 1960s, they used an IBM Card on which a few lines could be written which would then be transcribed onto another card.

IRS tax forms are used for taxpayers and tax-exempt organizations to report financial information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States. The first Form 1040 was published for use for the tax years 1913, 1914, and 1915.

They are used to report income, calculate taxes to be paid to the federal government, and disclose other information as required by the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). For 1916, Form 1040 was converted to an annual form (i.e., updated each year with the new tax year printed on the form).

Individual Income Tax Return, is one of three forms (1040 [the "Long Form"], 1040A [the "Short Form"] and 1040EZ - see below for explanations of each) used for personal (individual) federal income tax returns filed with the IRS.Initially, the IRS mailed tax booklets (Form 1040, instructions, and most common attachments) to all households.The second page calculates the allowable deductions and credits, tax due given the income figure, and applies funds already withheld from wages or estimated payments made towards the tax liability.At the top of the first page is the Presidential election campaign fund checkoff, which allows taxpayers to designate that the federal government give of the tax it receives to the Presidential election campaign fund.Form 1040 has 14 attachments, called "schedules", which may need to be filed depending on the taxpayer.For 20 there was an additional form, In most situations, other Internal Revenue Service or Social Security Administration forms such as Form W-2 must be attached to the Form 1040, in addition to the Form 1040 schedules.

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