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Sex conversations to read - Webcamsexs online free

The easiest way to start sexualizing a conversation is to begin with sexualized teasing.For example, as I’m talking to a girl and she’s laughing I may tease her not to “Throw her panties at me already.” Or I may spill a little bit of my drink on her by “mistake” and then when she complains about me getting her wet, I’ll reply “I have that effect on women.” By teasing a girl on sexual subjects, you begin the process of opening up a sexual dialogue.

Every girl has a sexual side, an aggressive side, a non judgmental side, etc.It’s up to us to bring out those parts of her personality and empower her to act on those subconscious desires. For example, I might say the following: “I can see you being the kind of girl who is too hesitant about things that you like to do, and more aggressive over things that you have to do.” (Cold Read) “I totally can’t even say this too you…” (Bait) “I bet you totally have to have all the lights off when you are with a guy.” (Sexual Cold Read) Then I’ll change the subject back to talking about her and why she’s hesitant in certain situations and empowered in others.But by getting the subject of sex on the table, I can come back to it later.And I’ve started to give her something to pushback against.The idea that she has to have all the lights off is an example of anti-social labeling.I like to think about these as pushbacks as they give the girl a self image to push back against.

When she pushes back against it and tells me that it doesn’t matter if she has the lights on or not, SHE will be continuing the sexual talk.Thus talking about sex appears to be her idea, instead of yours.Welcome back to another awesome edition of Ask #1 where I answer questions on this mysterious thing called Game from readers, just like you.Today’s question from a reader comes from Rax and is something that I think a lot of guys can relate to: The ability to turn conversations sexual is one of the most important aspects of escalating things with a woman.Having the ability to add this sexual fire to your conversations with women makes sure that they go where you want them to go.So how does one start turning conversations sexual?