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For the past decade he has been ICT Coordinator at Williamstown Primary School, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.He also has extensive experience planning and delivering professional learning to teachers in ICT / e Learning.

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The session will include examples of exciting collaborations which have enabled the ‘flattening of classroom walls’, allowing students to learn from and with people around the world.It will explore the ways learning can be enhanced through such interactions.It will highlight what we have learned, challenges and successes, and effective ways such connections can be established.Our guest presenter is Edna Sackson (@whatedsaid) a well known online identity.See Edna’s great blog which was shortlisted for several edublogs awards in 2010. :- Jo Mc Leay, a veteran web2.0 user, will speak about life long learning and the great benefits of a PLN (Personal Learning Network).About Edna:- Edna Sackson is the Teaching and Learning Coordinator at an IB PYP School (Primary Years Program) in Melbourne, Australia. Have you heard the word as in someone you have net.known for years and what a real relationship that can be even without meeting face to face. Jo is currently the Professional Learning Officer at Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association but is also an experienced and accomplished English teacher with a particular interest in incorporating emerging technologies into her teaching practice.

Jo has experience in leading workshops for teachers, both within school and in conference workshops. Here is the link to the session This informal discussion on blogging had a broad range of participants from many sectors of education, included non-teachers. The video camera was used to good effect with Graham showing a Writing magazine that he had picked up from a newsagent with two great articles on blogging.The whiteboard and chat were used for interactivity and application sharing allowed some blogging sites to be demonstrated. From the chat Find out how Challenge Based Learning was used with Primary and Middle Years students, by someone who has actually taught it! About Mark:– Mark Richardson has taught in primary schools for many years.Technology has enabled us to break down physical barriers and connect face-to-face with others around the world.Such connections can lead to global collaboration and mutual understanding.What could be more engaging than kids talking to kids across the world?What better way to encourage intercultural understanding, international-mindedness and global awareness.