Windows xp group policy not updating

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Windows xp group policy not updating - start dating again after divorce

i found on our work network the regkey was set to 1 when changed manually.I did a bit of google-ing and found: "1 – Use peers on the same NAT only." Since im running several vlans on the network im guessing this restricts the sharing to computers on the same vlan. Hot Scripts offers tens of thousands of scripts you can use. d Bforums offers community insight on everything from ASP to Oracle, and get the latest news from Data Center Knowledge.

Those that have received and installed the new build can attest that this new feature does exist.

When new updates become available, we'll get a chance to test how it works – or if it does actually work this time around.

It's possible that it's simply a placeholder for future development. In a nutshell, when software is available for download (security updates, for example), the download begins on all targeted systems on a network.

Each system continues to download and stores bits and pieces and once a full copy exists on a system it becomes a "master" where other connected systems can draw from instead of having to continue downloading from the Internet.

The beauty of this type of system is that all computers, or peers, can become a master at any given time.

If a "master" computer is shutdown or taken off the network, any other system can take over automatically.

If the connection to the Internet (Cloud) goes down, no worries, all the important bits are already stored locally and delivery can continue unabated.

This type of functionality eliminates the need for sole purpose servers, minimizes bandwidth, and decreases reliance on being connected to the Cloud. Others have been doing it successfully for almost a decade.

It's just a concept that Microsoft is adopting in Windows 10 to ease the deployment of updates. Obviously, this will be a popular feature, but some companies may decide not to use it – particularly those with existing strong and successful patching policies using a management solution such as System Center Configuration Manager.

The new feature does come with registry entries, meaning it can be manipulated manually, through scripts, and even through Group Policy. Registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Delivery Optimization\Config REG_DWORD Value: Download Mode Data: 0 = off; 2 = PCs on my local network; 3 = PCs on my local network, and PCs on the Internet In a way.

WSUS pulls updates from Microsoft, so does the current Windows Update client.

But, in this case, instead of a client always going to WSUS, it will pull updates from the closest networked peers.